Khash (in Armenian Խաշ) is one of the most festive Armenian dishes eaten mostly in the cold season. Its cooking and consumption is highly stylized and it is enjoyed early in the morning with good amounts of garlic and vodka.

Even the toasts are well defined and are announced in a specific order.

Khash is eaten with dried lavash bread which is crumbled into the broth. Sometimes another soft piece of lavash is used as a wrap.

It is cooked by boiling bovine shanks for hours until the tendon falls off the bones and the water becomes a thick broth. Many times cooked stomach pieces are also added to the dish. There is no salt used while cooking, but it is liberally seasoned with salt and crushed garlic after the dish is served.

Khash is never eaten alone, it always a party dish.

A bowl of hot Khash A bowl of hot Khash   The meat from a khash in Lavash bread
Khash The table is almost ready for Khash

Instructions on how to eat Khash. I would put the salt & garlick before taking out the meat, though.



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