Khash Toasts

Good Morning

The first toast is for the "Good Morning". It is declared when everybody is served the khash and had chance to put salt, pepper and lavash bread into it. Also by that time the vodka shot glasses are to be full. Somebody, in many cases the toastmaster, stands up and simply says "Good Morning", which sounds "Bari Luys" (Բարի Լույս). Sometimes it is pronounced like "Barlus" (Բարլուս).
Everybody drinks and starts to enjoy the meal.

For the Hosts

Toastmaster later suggests a toast for the hosts, literally translated "For the people who put khash (Խաշ դնողների կենացը)". Everybody  thanks the hosts and drinks. While they may say a few words, khash related toasts are relatively brief.

For the Guests

Later at some point a toast for the guests is suggested. Literally it is "For the people who eat the khash (Խաշ ուտողների կենացը)". After this the mandatory toasts have been completed, so the guests can either switch to free form toasting or start to repeat the toasts. Many times a late arriving guest provides an easy opportunity  to drink for the "Good Morning" one more time.